16 Colored Eyeliners That Will Make You Want To Ditch Your Classic Black

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It takes further than a wrist film to master a simple black soared liner. So you can imagine how much further attention and tolerance are needed if you venture into the world of multicolored liners. Indeed, you’ve scrolled once and bookmarked a many alleviation prints in the expedients of one day creating little shadows on your lids or sharp lines extending up to your brows a la Euphoria’s glittery cast or occupant TikTok graphic liner expert Cut Creaser(@cutcreaser). still, Vanessa Funes(@cutcreaser) advises elevation to various water- actuated liners, If you are wearied of black cat- eyes.” Water- actuated liners are my number 1 go- to product for various liners. Compared to liquid liners, the( palette) tones range from white to brace- chromes to metallics to black. They are extremely protean and easy to mix and use once you get the hang of it,” she says. Up for the challenge? Ahead are the 16 stylish expert- approved multicolored liners for comforting eyes and indeed soothing IG snaps.

1 Stylish Color Danessa Myricks Leakproof bumper Color COURTESY OF BRAND 15 AT DANESSA MYRICKS BEAUTY

Full content Encounter vended independently The versatility of this eye color allows you to produce intricate line art on your eyes or eye- catching lids awash with its vibrant colors, which run the diapason from fluorescent unheroic and orange to a bevy of blue tones.

2 Stylish WATER- Actuated FORMULA Suva Beauty Hydra Liner


Long- lasting Encounter vended independently One swipe of Suva Beauty’s cult-favorite deposits an insane quantum of content and color. As the name suggests, you will need to add a drop of water to spark the formula, which is smirch- evidence and long- lasting.

3 Stylish FOR MIXING Coruscate Cosmetics Split Liner

COURTESY OF BRAND 7 AT BEAUTY BAY Split designs offers two different colors Encounter vended independently Vanessa Funes, aka” Cutcreaser,” TikTik’s multicolored eyeliner and cut- crinkle expert, is a major addict of the Split Liner because of how easy and protean mixing the colors is.” Each bone has a different color combination that can be used collectively, together, or mixed. Some are matte, some have a luster , and some are indeed brace- chrome. I reach for these constantly,” she adds.

4 Stylish Delicate FORMULA KVD Beauty Super Pomade Vegan Eyeliner

COURTESY OF BRAND 21 AT ULTA BEAUTY 9 AT WALMART 23 AT SEPHORA 3- in- 1 product Encounter vended independently One thing KVD products guarantee is content. The Super Pomade is a multipurpose gem that can be used as a brow product, eyeshadow pot, or colored liner. Its full content formula comes on delicate and dries down comfortably so your eyes do not feel counted down throughout the day.

5 Stylish WHITE LINER NYX Professional Makeup grand Wear Liquid Liner

COURTESY OF BRAND 10 AT AMAZON 10 AT WALMART 10 AT NORDSTROM RACK Long- lasting Can be delicate to remove We’ve YouTube beauty exponents to thank for the popularization of NYX’s white liners. This liquid interpretation is a wonder for newcomers making their first incursion into the world of graphic liners or experts looking to add a long- lasting formula to their collection. As one Amazon critic puts it” numerous makeup products pride of being leakproof or having life. They’re suckers compared to this stuff. You can apply makeup way, take a shower etc chances are this stuff will still survive. You know how in pictures the woman wakes up in bed with perfect makeup? That’s this. I’ve worn it two days in a row indeed though I poured. All my other makeup was gone. Except for this tough as nails eyeliner.”

6 Stylish CHROME LINER Revlon So Fierce! Chrome Essay Liquid Eyeliner

COURTESY OF BRAND 13 AT ULTA BEAUTY 10 AT WALMART 13 AT JCPENNEY Great color lucre with one swipe Applicator is a bit thick Revlon makes dabbling into chrome makeup less intimidating with this one- swipe liquid eyeliner. The stoner-friendly design keeps the color in the liner’s cap, so you can make up to your asked intensity.


Gavissi 6 Color Split cutlet Retro Liner 18 AT AMAZON Comes with multiple tones to choose from or blend Encounter vended independently ” Perfect for traveling, this palette has six matte tones — from white to brown to black — and can be used for simple or dramatic aesthetics ,” Funes says. Because it’s water- actuated, you can use as little water to keep the color vibrant or add water for a sheer finish.

8 Stylish FOR SMOOTH operation Urban Decay Cosmetics Glide- On Eyeliner Pencil

COURTESY OF BRAND 23 AT ULTA BEAUTY 22 AT WALMART 20 AT NORDSTROM Glides on easily Needs to be stoned Sure, the Urban Decay Glide- On Pencil arrives in an array of tones and homestretches. But the stylish part is the nutritional constituents. Your eyes are carpeted with jojoba oil painting, vitamin E, and cottonseed oil painting to help help any lugging and keep them soothed and moisturized for hours.

9 Stylish QUICK DRY Juvia’s Place Garden of Juvia Colored Liner

COURTESY OF BRAND 15 AT ULTA BEAUTY Pigmented tones Dries snappily Juvia’s Place entered the multicolored eyeliner game with a collection of plushly- painted light and neon tones that represent colors you’d find in a vibrant flowery theater . Wear alone or combine with Juvia’s Place’s cult-favorite eyeshadow palettes.

10 Stylish SPLURGE Charlotte Tilbury Matte & Metallic Double Ended Eyeliner

COURTESY OF BRAND 32 AT SEPHORA 45 AT WALMART 32 AT NORDSTROM Dual- end with differing homestretches precious still, Charlotte Tilbury designed a binary- concluded pencil for the indecisive, If you can not decide between a matte or shimmer look. The delicate formula glides on like a dream, thanks to a mix of emollients, and lasts all day long.

11 Stylish SWEAT- evidence Anastasia Beverly Hills NORVINA ® Chroma Stix Makeup Pencils

COURTESY OF BRAND 18 AT SEPHORA Twist-up packaging Can dry out after awhile ABH’s collection of color” stix” puts your creativity to the test. With 16 tones to choose from and a matte finish, these pencils are bold enough for the jubilee season and can add a subtle pop of color to the eyes. The twist- up point ensures there is not too important product waste, but it does come with a sharpener for redundant perfection.

12 Stylish FOR perfection Dior On Stage Liner

COURTESY OF BRAND ,022 AT DIOR Precision tip precious Dior’s On Stage Liner brings the sense of confidentially fashion show fix right to your bedroom vanity. You are in complete control of the liner, which has a phased perfection tip that deposits as important or as little color as you ask .

13 Stylish METALLIC LINER NYX Professional Makeup grand Wear Liner Stick

COURTESY OF BRAND 9 AT AMAZON 9 AT WALMART 9 AT NORDSTROM RACK Pigmented Needs to be stoned You called for violent color? NYX answered with the grand Wear Line Stick. Indeed though it’s metallic, it dries down to a matte finish which allows for long- wear and tear, whether it’s placed on the lid or on the waterline.

14 Stylish Content about- face Matte Fluid Eye Paint

COURTESY OF BRAND 16 AT ULTA BEAUTY Pigmented Applicator is thick Matte Fluid Eye Paint isn’t for the faint of heart. With full content and a featherlight matte finish, the protean fluid applies fluently without smirching or transferring. According to one critic, one swipe is enough.” Surprisingly, this product is easy to use and a little goes a LOOONG way,” the critic wrote.” constantly easy to blend and only takes twinkles to get a decent smokey eye with NO fallout( which actually half of the benefit of using cream in the first place) thanks Halsey.”

15 Stylish DESIGN HAUS LABS in LADY GAGA Optic Intensity Eco Gel Eyeliner Pencil

COURTESY OF BRAND 22 AT SEPHORA Dual- end features a small encounter May need a many passes on deeper tones What is great about the Haus Labs liner is fluently the binary- end design that features a liner on one end, and a encounter on the other. Thanks to the delicate formula, the encounter can be used to smirch the product to produce a smokey effect or clean up any mishaps.

16 Stylish MULTIPURPOSE MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Color Pencil Eye, Lip & Brow Pencil

COURTESY OF BRAND 18 AT SEPHORA 17 AT WALMART 19 AT NORDSTROM Multipurpose Needs to be stoned The only pencil your makeup bag needs is this one from Make Up For Ever. With this one product, you can line your lips, produce intricate designs on your eyes, fill in your brows, and flush your cheeks with a subtle marshland of color.

17 FAQs

How do you apply multicolored liner?

Like any pomade or cream product, the operation is only as good as the toolused.However, Funes advises investing in the absolute stylish tools, especially if perfection is a top precedence, If your multicolored liners do not come with a encounter formerly. Funes shares her tips below. Find the stylish tools still, you want a encounter that’s a many millimeters long,” If you ’re doing a graphic liner. I reach for my By Melolops C2 or my Gavissi Beauty GV08 encounter — both veritably thin — to produce precise lines and can also be used to produce a thick line,too.However, reach for a nail art dotting tool for the easiest operation or indeed a bull leg, If you are applying blotches to add accentuations to your look. Do not be hysterical to get creative ” produce a design, whether it’s a circle, a square, a triangle, cat eye soared liner, a Marvel superhero totem, absolutely anything,” she says. newcomers can also begin with a simple winged liner and work their way up to Cut Creaser’s more intricate designs. spark the liner still, understanding how opaque or sheer you want your liner will determine how important water is demanded, If the liner pot or palette you are using is water- actuated.” You should only use a many drops of water to spark it to the right thickness,” Funes advises. Sot, dry, dry To help smudging or transferring, allow your liner ample time to dry down. Once it’s dry, you can make up the content to your asked look, or add makeup and switches.

What do you look for in a multicolored liner?

Your criteria for multicolored liners depends on your asked look, but color and finish are super important toFunes.However, I ’ll look at Glisten Cosmetics because they’ve the biggest shade range I have ever seen,” she adds, If I need a veritably distinct color. Palettes give you more bang for your buck since they generally come with a slew of tones to choose from that can be fluently mixed together or concentrated.” Because( palettes) are so protean, I can find any finish from shimmer to matte to brace- chrome. My go- to’s are substantially dull but if you need an accentuation to your look, a good shimmer will make your eyes pop,” she adds.

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