12 Best Nail Drills For At-Home Salon Results

Mukesh Kumar

Creating the perfect mani or pedi at home does n’t only come down to choosing the stylish nail polishes, gel nail accoutrements , or dip greasepaint sets. Having the right tools to fix your nails can make all the difference. Consider investing in an electric nail drill forpro-level results without […]

20 Liquid Lipsticks That Won’t Let You Down

Mukesh Kumar

One makeup product that every beauty nut’s collection should have is a handy Beau Brummell liquid camo. The homestretches vary, from satin to lustrous to matte, but we really want a formula that stays put through our lunch refections, coffee runs, regale convos, and indeed kissing( NYE is coming up!). […]

Love, Beyond Conditions

Mukesh Kumar 2

Sujal had never felt so lost before. He just couldn’t believe what he saw—everywhere therewas smoke, confusion, debris and the smell of raw flesh mixed with gun powder. His eyesburnt with tears and the surrounding heat. He had to keep wiping them away to be able tosee. He didn’t know […]

Here’s How It Goes

Mukesh Kumar

Ravinder Singh lifted an eyebrow as he noticed the story started with his name. With a littlemore interest he checked the name of the story and the author again. The name was‘Chance’, and it was written by Rudra Sengupta. There was even a short note before thestory, which was to […]

Clumsy Cupid

Mukesh Kumar

Have you noticed the way men make complete idiots of themselves around women? It is notintended, of course. In fact, the intention is quite the opposite but, sadly, it just happens.Which one of us has not approached a beautiful woman (in our own distinctiveestimations), only to trip at the last […]

Another Time, Another Place

Mukesh Kumar

The much-wrinkled, too-often-read letter was in his pocket as he got off the train. They hadread about such letters in old war-time novels that were a dime a dozen at the schoollibrary. Both of them would go there during every free period and pretend to be engrossedin books while sneaking […]

The Uncertainties of Life

Mukesh Kumar

I was all dressed up for the party and stood in front of the mirror admiring myself. Puttingon the white XXLshirt, a clean-shaven eligible bachelor like me looked no less than aCinderella’s Prince Charming. It was the last day of the college reunion. I was very excitedto meet my old […]