The Last Note

Mukesh Kumar

The station was bustling with people. Passengers and their relatives moved around busilyon every platform, some lying down on sheets of newspapers, waiting for the arrival of theirtrains, while a few others stood patiently near the edge of the platform, peering and craningtheir necks, hoping to catch a glimpse of […]

The Smiling Stranger

Mukesh Kumar

It was yet another day today, the same as the past three years had been. I got out of my houseat 9 a.m., maintaining the consistency of my departure. After going to the temple, which wason my way to the railway station, I ended up on the railway platform with […]

A Pair of Shoes

Mukesh Kumar

Rishi lay on a rock on the banks of the river Beas, listening to the thunderous gush of waterspeeding past him—a roar that contrasted sharply with the deafening silence inside him. Hiseyes moved about the night sky in an unfocused way, bringing up tears now and then. Hislips would never […]

The Most Handsome

Mukesh Kumar 877

Divya inquired from the receptionist about the X-ray report that she was supposed to getthat day and also mentioned her appointment with Dr K.C. Balan MD, who also happened tobe a family friend. The receptionist requested her to wait after sending one of the assistantsto the medical superintendent’s room to […]


Mukesh Kumar

I saw the ring today after all these years. I hadn’t seen it in ages. My heart skipped abeat as a silent crescendo of emotions washed over it, leaving me short of breath even asthe world around me continued to function uninterrupted. I could hear a familiar tuneplaying in my […]

Bittersweet Symphony

Mukesh Kumar

The first time I saw Ishita, she was wearing black. Draped elegantly in a chiffon sari, sheflitted around the hall like an exotic butterfly, smiling and conversing with a multitude ofwedding guests. I noticed the elegantly cut blouse she was wearing, backless and daring.The curve of her back beckoned me […]

A Tale of Two Strangers

Mukesh Kumar

Sometimes strangers are not really strangers!Sounds insane, right? Well here goes the explanation …It was mid-November last year. A very cold evening in Kolkata. An unmarried twentysomething woman, a schoolteacher by profession, struggling to board an overcrowded busduring rush hour—that’s me! Diyali Pradhan. Although it was cold I was still […]

Never Forget Me

Mukesh Kumar

Love has no expiry date. I don’t know who said those lines, but they sound so true today. Ilooked at Anandi with water dripping down her face from her wet hair. The tears from hereyes added to the water overflow.‘Do you remember …?’ I began, but stopped in time. There […]

A Village Love Story

Mukesh Kumar

Sogam was beautiful, just like a fairy-tale land, located more than 150 kilometres from themain city of Srinagar on the rim of Indo-Pak border. Apart from the Yaarbal, a local rivulet,Sogam housed gorgeous paddy fields that looked like a sheet of green during summers andwere stripped bare during the winters, […]

Love Is Also a Compromise

Mukesh Kumar

I was screening the medical records when I stumbled upon a file that caught my attention. Itread:Patient’s name: Aditya RajAge: 62Diagnosis: Tuberculosis.He had been registered in the hospital only a month back and was being given antitubercular treatment. I was confused. Who could this person be? Could it be him? […]