Mukesh Kumar

Tasha fought the urge to straighten the painting on the wall. It was what made her notice theman sitting below it. He was tall. She could tell by the way his frame folded on the lowseating. Good-looking too, despite the creased brow. She surprised herself by herobservations and returned her […]

Cheers to Love

Mukesh Kumar

I, Trisha Mehta—twenty-seven, blogger and screenplay writer—have achieved all that I hadhoped to achieve. And yet there is something missing. Friends said that it was love that Iwas missing. I didn’t really think so; I was never a romantic person by heart. I frankly thinkthe whole concept of love is […]

May God Bless You, Dear

Mukesh Kumar

The small, hard grains of rice were now soft, white and flaky. Cooked. The steam—that hadtill then swirled inside the stifling confines of the pressure cooker—now prepared to makea grand exit, announcing to the world that its goal was accomplished and it was free tobecome one with the universe. It […]

One Night Stand in Hariharapuram

Mukesh Kumar

‘Achamma, shall I turn on the AC?’ asked my grandson Raman.‘It’s fine as it is, Raman.’Raman was very attached to me and couldn’t bear to see his eighty-three-year-oldgrandma distressed. I rarely showed my emotions but today was different.‘Want some water, Achamma?’ he pressed on, worried that the tension might affect […]

The Divine Union

Mukesh Kumar

Have you ever been alone—truly alone?Have you ever been in a place that was massive, cold, kind of whitish, calm and serenewith a tranquillizing ambience? Lacking human presence, completely enclosed and therebyadministering a strong dosage of claustrophobia in you right away?Have you ever been subjected to the cold embrace of […]


Mukesh Kumar

‘Has the bus E104 already left?’ I breathlessly reached the bus stop and asked the manstanding there.He was taken by surprise, as if I asked him for his wallet. After a pause he replied, ‘No.’I heaved a sigh of relief. As I returned to my normal breathing speed, I asked […]

A Love Story in Reverse!

Mukesh Kumar

And They Lived Happily Ever After!‘If the only prayer you said was thank you that would be enough.’—Meister EckhartAnd I mean it from the bottom of my heart. The benevolence and support that you all haveshowered upon this tiny blog has brought colossal contentment to our beloved Ramanima.Mumbled in between […]

A Train to My Marriage

Mukesh Kumar

I am afraid of heights of all kinds—valleys, mountains, rivers, railway station bridges andeven relationships make me sick. And today I am going to experience all of them.‘Krishna, come fast, we will miss the train!’ Mom shouts, breaking my train of thought.‘I would be glad if I could,’ I mutter, […]

The Girl Behind the Counter

Mukesh Kumar 39

I leaned over the parapet of the balcony of my apartment on the fifteenth floor. Thepreparations for the evening bhajan ritual had begun, I deduced from the escalating humdownstairs. The building watchman was arranging gray Neelkamal chairs in a semi-circlebetween a sleek red Honda and a black Chevrolet SUV. I […]